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Now You’re Probably Wondering, This Sounds Awesome, But What EXACTLY Am I Going To Get By Attending This Virtual Summit?

Great question, and I’m glad you asked.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn by joining the free Sales Funnel Success Summit:

  • How To Build A High Converting Sales Funnel Out Of The Gate (Without Spending Your Life’s Savings On Traffic And Crossing Your Fingers Hoping It Will Work)
  • The Step By Step System For Acquiring Paid Media To Drive To Your Sales Funnel (So You Can ROI 3 to 1)
  • How To Write High Converting Copy For Your Offer Even If You Suck At Copywriting And Have Never Written It In Your Life
  • What Key Metrics You Need To Know From Day 1 Of Launching Your Sales Funnel
  • How To Get Cheap Clicks (Without Sacrificing The Quality Of Your Leads)
  • How To Bring On Super Affiliates To Promote Your Products For You So You Don’t Have To Spend Any Money On Traffic Ever Again
  • How To Launch Sales Funnels In Under 1 Hour (And Spend More Time On Launching New Converting Offers)
  • Learn About The Best Marketing Tools On The Market For Building A High Converting Sales Funnel
Stephen introduced me to multiple traffic experts so we’ve been able to triple the lead flow from different traffic channels from xxx leads per month to x,xxx per month without breaking a sweat. This wouldn’t be possible without using a high converting sales funnel.

Jared Codling
Co-Founder Of Drew Baird Fitness

Steve’s the number one leader when it comes to building sales funnels, I’ve brought him on to map out the funnels we need in our business so we’re able to acquire more customers. The big difference between Steve and other “marketers” is that he can make this work in any industry and knows the right A-player contacts to get the best results. If you would hire each of these experts he’s speaking to on the summit, you’d be up for hundreds of thousands of dollars so the recordings are an absolute no brainer at this price.

Dmitri Dalla Riva
Founder of LearnMate Tutoring

Stephen has worked with many of our client projects as a consultant to get a full view on where the holes in the bucket are. As soon as I heard about him putting together this virtual summit I arranged for recordings to be sent to my entire team. The value in here is gold for my team and our clients so we can be on the cutting-edge when building and growing funnels.

Will Wang
Founder of Growth Labz (Agency)

Plus As A Special Bonus For Claiming Your Free Ticket You’ll Get…

Exclusive Plug In Emails:
The Complete Email Follow Up Series “Plug In & Play Templates” For A High Converting Webinar Funnel (Updated For 2017)
  • Swipe my templates so you can run your next webinar with the urgency and scarcity that’s needed to get bums on seats and people taking action for your next offer

By The End Of This Summit, You’ll Be Able To Architect Your Own Sales Funnel Just Like The One Below

Some of the common areas of a sales funnel include:
Mastering Traffic Sources:
This is everything you need to know BEFORE people enter the sales funnel (otherwise known as the front end customer or lead acquisition). This is where you need to master how you’ll attract people to your sales funnel using platforms like Google, Facebook, Email and other traffic sources.
Landing Page Building & Optimization:
This is how to structure the page that someone lands on when they hit your funnel. While to most people this might just be a web page, the offer you make and how it is constructed makes or breaks your funnel. This is where copywriting, conversion hacking and building a structurally well designed and irresistible page can make the difference between a x10 ROI winner and spending all your money with $0 return.
Cart Abandonment & Follow Up:
While most people think a funnel is just a few well put together pages and an advertisement, the select few successful marketers realize following up and marketing to people who fall off along the way is what makes the difference in your final metrics. Here we’ll cover email follow up, traffic retargeting, cart abandonment strategies and much more.
Scaling Successful Campaigns:
One of the most difficult areas of building funnels is once you have a system that works and is making your a great ROI, it’s hard to scale the sales funnel without blowing out your cost per acquisition when trying to reach more people. Our experts share their strategies on how to do this effectively without breaking your campaigns.

The Sales Funnel Success Summit Schedule:

(Note: We’ll list the speakers and their info under each topic within each day once we have them confirmed)
What The Top 1% Of Successful Sales Funnels Have In Common Across Millions Of Funnels
Russell Brunson (Co-Founder of ClickFunnels) goes through what the top revenue generating sales funnels are doing to bring in the best results. He also discusses what is in store for the ClickFunnels platform in 2018 and what he things the next trends will be in the sales funnel and digital marketing industry.
Russell Brunson
How To Craft The Big Idea & Unique Mechanism For Your Sales Funnel
Todd Brown explains how important it is to how a “big idea” for your sales funnel and link that to the “unique mechanism” when crafting a new sales funnel. Todd explains the market sophistication analysis you need to do before entering any marketing and building a funnel for that audience.
Todd Brown
Copywriting Strategy: How To Craft The Perfect Offer For Your Sales Funnel Cold Traffic Can’t Resist
James Hepburn walks us through his unique strategy of how he crafts copy which make 90% of his sales funnels home runs. He walks us step by step on building an offer for your market and persuading your audience to take action using strong copywriting skills.
James Hepburn
How To Change Your Life And Business Using Webinar Funnels
Liz Benny goes into the details of how her webinar funnel she built changed her life and business. From the very beginning knowing absolutely nothing about digital marketing and funnels, she’s transformed her business into a 7 figure coaching and consulting company.
Liz Benny
How To Build High Converting Sales Funnels By Knowing Your Key Metrics Inside Out
Ricky discusses how knowing your numbers is critical to building a successful sales funnel. He sits down and walks us through the numbers you need to know before you launch a sales funnel into the marketplace.
Ricky Baldasso
How To Build Rock Solid Email Marketing Campaigns To Convert As High As Possible Within Your Sales Funnel
Jason brings a unique view to sales funnels specialising in email marketing for physical product funnels and ecommerce. He walks us through all the different email campaigns you need to know about and use to get the very highest conversions in your funnel.
Jason K Williamson
How To Leverage Facebook Ads So Your Course Funnel Converts Predictably Day In Day Out
Andrew shares what’s working right now for his Facebook Ad strategy that’s allowing his clients to convert higher than ever before. Andrew goes into details on the new platforms and placements that are the lowest hanging fruit when you begin driving traffic to your sales funnel.
Andrew Hubbard
How To Build A Live Or Evergreen Webinar Funnel That Has Your Customers Wanting More Every Time
Join this session on how structure and build a webinar funnel for your audience so it crushes it straight out of the gate. Jon dives deep in the intricacies of what makes his live and evergreen webinar funnels convert from the very beginning.
Jon Schumacher
How To Use AdWords Effectively To Fuel The Traffic For Your Sales Funnel (Even If You’ve Never Used Google Before)
Mike dives deep into how to begin harnessing AdWords as a traffic source to fuel your sales funnel. Google is Mike’s expertise and he explains the different ways of setting up a campaign on the platform to achieve the best result possible.
Mike Rhodes
How To Use Paid YouTube Advertising As A Traffic Source In Your Sales Funnel (Even If You Hate Being On Camera)
Tom Breeze goes into detail on how to leverage YouTube advertising in your sales funnel. He explains the process that he and his team use to make your funnel ready to take on YouTube traffic and how to set up your campaigns on YouTube to maximize your ROI.
Tom Breeze
How To Use Organic YouTube Traffic To Drives Sales Day In Day Out For Your Funnel
Holly discusses what’s working in the world of YouTube as she goes through step by step how YouTube ranks videos. We map out the game plan if you want to be ranking high on the world’s second biggest search engine.
Holly Starks
How To Scale Facebook Advertising Campaigns From Hundreds of Dollars To Thousands Of Dollars A Day Effectively
Ethan runs advertising for some of the influencers in the marketing space and spills the beans on what campaigns works the most effectively and how to scale those campaigns up once you have a campaign that is converting. He also describes technically step by step what makes a strong offer for Facebook traffic and what doesn’t.
Ethan Sigmon
How To Launch High Converting Facebook Marketing Campaigns For Your Sales Funnel
Kim Barrett discusses how he’s getting the best results with his Facebook campaigns and is moving his clients from “good” ROI to “amazing”. Kim talks to us about the conversion rate optimization that needs to happen at the ad level of your sales funnel for you to be seeing great results further down the funnel.
Kim Barrett
How To Convert A Live Virtual Summit Funnel Into An Evergreen Machine
Ciprian goes through how to take your high converting virtual summit funnel and make it evergreen so you can build your customer bases each and every day without any extra leg work. Virtual Summit funnels on autopilot can be a very effective method to building your credibility and email list.
Ciprian Soleriu
How to Build A Virtual Summit Sales Funnel To Position You As The Authority In Your Industry And Supercharge Your List Building
Navid sits down with us to walk us through the blueprint he uses to build high converting virtual sales funnels for him and his clients. This sales funnel can be used in many ways to grow your business, position yourself and allows you to network with the influencers in your space.
Navid Moazzez
How To Capitalize On The Right Traffic Platforms For Your Target Audience Before Launching Your Sales Funnel
Rohan sits down to discuss which traffic platforms you should be using before you launch your sales funnel based on where your target market hangs out.
Rohan Sheth
How To Leverage eCommerce Funnels Using Facebook Traffic And Building A Sustainable Business
Jian explains how to build a sustainable business using eCommerce funnels drawing on his experience in manufacturing. He discusses the numbers around what is involved in a physical product funnel business and how to make sure you’re profitable over a long period of time.
Jian Tiam
How To Build Webinar Funnels That Convert On Autopilot Backed By Marketing Automation
Greg discusses how he leverages webinar funnels mixed with high touch marketing automation so your prospects are “pre-sold” by the time they get on the phone with you when they want to learn about your product or service. This makes life very easy for you or your team to move them onto the next logical step to sell your high ticket product or service.
Greg Hickman

Why Should I Sign Up for The Sales Funnel Success Summit?

We discuss and divulge never before seen funnels and break down each and every element to what makes a successful sales funnel
You get to network with all of our guests and pick their brains over the duration of the event that would otherwise cost you tens of thousands of dollars to meet in person along with the networking of thousands of other funnel builders and marketers

Sales Funnel Building, Optimizing and Scaling Strategies Shared By The Top Marketers In The World

To build a sales funnel, it requires a lot of work. It generally ends up in one of two ways…

You end up signing up for software you don’t need and can’t integrate, spend thousands of dollars trying to get your funnel looking good and performing well by guessing what works, only to realize it doesn’t convert and you need to start from scratch until you get it right.


You could leverage the expertise of our experts on the Sales Funnel Success Summit to shortcut your way to building a sales funnel that has the best possible chance at converting from Day 1 and predictably scale using proven methods and quickly increase your ROI day in day out.

This isn’t a shonky “fly by night” event where you’ll be pitched after each speaker.
If that’s what you’re looking for, then sorry but you’re in the wrong place. We’ve brought on A+ level speakers who walk the walk with the numbers to back it up. With people who are in the trenches practicing what they preach.

Meet Your Host

Stephen Esketzis
Founder Of &
Hi I’m Stephen,
I live and breathe sales funnels, in fact I’ve built and have been involved in over 150+ sales funnels with 90% being profitable to date. My team and I are building them every day in my business in 7 different niches that we operate in right now.

We’ve built sales funnels in every industry from health and wellness to finance. I know how difficult it can be launching a new funnel and it’s always been my goal to bring clarity and simplicity to what it takes to building a high converting and profitable sales funnel.

I was previously Head of Content Marketing for ClickFunnels, one of the leading sales funnel tools in the industry and won super affiliate prizes at the company for 2016 & 2017 as well as being one of the very first to win their dream car contest.

I spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year attending private marketing masterminds and conferences to network with the very best in the industry.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the event a good fit for me?
If you’re looking to build a sales funnel or scale an existing sales funnel, then this is the perfect event for you. Not only will you learn step by step on how to take your sales funnel from 0 to hero, but you’ll be able to listen to the specific strategies in different areas of the funnel building process wherever you’re at.
Where is this event located? Do I have to travel to the summit?
This is an online event, so you can watch it anywhere with an internet connection. No travel required!
How do I watch the sessions for the Sales Funnel Success Summit?
Once you claim your free ticket, you’ll receive an email in your inbox every day of the event giving you access to all of the talks as they happen. Simply click the link and watch the sessions on the website. Once the sessions are live you’ll be able to view them from any computer, tablet or mobile device.
I can’t attend all the sessions at the listed times. Will I get a recording?
Each session will be available for 24 hours after it goes live on the event website. Watch it anytime at your convenience during the day following the live session, or you can purchase the All Access Pass to get access to the interviews & bonus material for life and watch them whenever you want.

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